Which Season is Best for Your Home Renovations?

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Although many home improvements can be done at any time of year, there are seasons when it’s best to tackle certain types of projects. That may be because the weather is generally good, because materials are readily available or because contractors tend to be less busy than at other times of the year.

Get Your Heating and Cooling Systems in Shape Before You Need Them
If your furnace or air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, don’t put that off until shortly before winter or summer. If you do, you’ll be competing with lots of other homeowners who need to have similar projects done and you may have to wait weeks or months for a contractor to fit you into the schedule. In the meantime, you may be forced to live in a cold or hothouse. Get work on your heating system or fireplace done in the spring or summer, and have AC repairs and upgrades done in the fall or winter so you’ll be good to go when the weather changes.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior in Mild Weather
Outdoor work, such as painting, replacing windows, and building a new deck will need to be done when the weather isn’t too cold and when it isn’t snowing. Summer is a popular season for painting and window replacement, but you may want to schedule those projects for spring or fall to avoid the rush. If you want to build a deck, have it done in the spring so it will be ready for you to use in the summer.

Some outdoor projects, such as building an addition, can be started in the winter. Builders may be able to dig a foundation, then work on the rest of the job in the mild spring weather. Due to lower demand, you may find it easier to find contractors who are available to start working on an addition in the winter than in other seasons.

Schedule Interior Improvements When Demand is Lower
Changes to the inside of your home, such as a bathroom remodel, can be done at any time of the year, but contractors are often busiest in the summer. If you don’t want to wait a long time, consider scheduling your project in the winter when homeowners are less likely to be thinking about remodeling. 

Seasonal Demand May Affect Scheduling and Pricing
Since demand for home improvements is highest in the warmer months, you should expect to pay more for both contractors’ services and materials. If you plan a home improvement project for the fall, you may find yourself competing with other homeowners who want to have their projects done by the holidays. If you have some flexibility in terms of when to complete a home improvement project, select a time based on contractor and material availability, cost, and your own needs and budget.